About Us

The rural countryside of Kansas is the inspiration and backdrop of Good Company, Inc.  Here, the work of our hands is our livelihood.  Family and friends gather together regularly. Our homes are surrounded by vast fields of wheat, corn, and milo.  Some of us may even live in a pasture with grazing cattle and regular sightings of deer, wild turkey.  Our sunsets rival those found in the most exotic of places and watching the boiling clouds of a thunderstorm roll in will take your breath away.  So we know beauty and appreciate bringing it into our homes and to our tables

My mother and I founded this business on the idea that even though we live far from the boutiques of big cities we can offer products that are beautiful, unique and inspiring without the premium price tag.  Not only will you get sturdy functionality with all of our serving utensils, but each piece is a little bit of hand-made art.  All of the fine art work featured in our store is  displayed gallery art, created by professional Kansas artists.  You'll also find plenty of heart-felt inspiration and, of course, humor to get you through the day. 

My mother taught me that it is a simple gift (but a significant blessing) to open your home and table to family, friends and soon-to-be-friends.  We need genuine connection now more than ever.  I hope we can inspire you to find ways to connect with others in your community, no matter where you live.  When you do that, you'll always be in Good Company!

Jennifer Gleason

 Psalms 90:17


P.S.  Drop by if you are in the area- I would love to meet you!

512 Niles Ave

Kinsley, KS  67547