About Us

The rural countryside of Kansas is the inspiration and backdrop of Good Company, Inc.  Here, the work of our hands is our livelihood.  Large gatherings of family and friends happen regularly. And just because we live in (or near!) a pasture doesn't mean we don't appreciate some finer things in our lives!

When my mother and I started this business, we founded it on the principle of offering you a high quality product, at the lowest possible price.  Not only will you get sturdy functionality with all our products, but each piece is a little bit of hand-made art.  Our manufacturing can best be described as workbench production.

My mother taught me that it is a simple gift (but a significant blessing) to open your home and table to family and friends.  It's also a great way to always find yourself in Good Company!


Drop by if you are in the area- I would love to meet you!

512 Niles Ave

Kinsley, KS  67547



Jennifer Gleason

Psalm 90:17