About Us

The rural countryside of Kansas is the inspiration and location of Good Company, Inc.  There is a special kind of beauty found in the vast open sky, breath-taking sunsets and the rolling acres of wheat.  Small town living lends itself to tight-knit communities that know your business AND have your back!  

My mother and I founded this business on the idea that connections are made around a dinner table lingering over good food, good conversation and good company.  We started our business by offering beautiful serving pieces that make it easy to set a table fit for company.  Our product focus has now shifted to handmade pottery created in-house at our pottery studio.  Handmade pottery is touched by the potters hands at every stage of the process.  Each piece is unique and carries a piece of the creator with it.   

You may be surprised to know that a small boutique in rural Kansas is a center for fine art.  The Good Company Painters meet weekly to paint and create beautiful works of art. The Good Company Painters have exhibited in numerous Kansas galleries. Many of their paintings and prints are on display and for sale in our brick and mortar store.  Art  classes for kids are offered in the summer to foster that creative spirit in our children.   On any day you will also most likely see someone painting in the back or pottery being thrown on a wheel, glazed or fired in the in-house studio.  

If you come and visit us you will see that Good Company boutique also offers a unique variety of gifts including fine table-top and serve ware, wine and bar accessories, soaps and lotions, specialty coffee and jewelry. Even though we live far from the boutiques of big cities we offer products that are beautiful, unique and inspiring without the premium price tag.   Gift wrapping is always free!

My mother taught me that it is a simple gift (but a significant blessing) to open your home and table to family and friends.  Meaningful conversation and genuine connections can be made while sharing a meal.  We need more genuine connections now more than ever.  I hope we can inspire you to find ways to connect with others in your community.  When you do that, you'll always be in Good Company!

Jennifer Gleason

P.S.  Drop by if you are in the area- I would love to meet you!

512 Niles Ave

Kinsley, KS  67547