Starting new....again! August 22 2013, 51 Comments

Welcome to our new web site.  It seems like the longer we are in business the more opportunities we have to start new and fresh.  We love the familiarity and history we have with old friends but it is exciting to think about the possibility of welcoming new faces to our "table".  

I am new to blogging but thought I would give it a go.  I am hopeful that it becomes a habit that you and I both enjoy! 

I encourage you to pass along any constructive feedback you have for us.  We have chosen the majority of our product line from the suggestions of our customers who have told us what they want. Unfortunately we have had to let a couple pieces of our product line go.  I'm sad to say that the meat fork and bottle stoppers are no longer available. I'm on the lookout for good replacements for both of those items.

The holiday season is quickly approaching.  I'll keep you updated on the fun things we have planned!

I'm in Good Company with you!