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Happy Anniversary! October 11 2013, 82 Comments

This weekend is the 3 year anniversary of literally moving this business out of our basement into a storefront in Kinsley, Kansas.  We all say it, but it's true that time flies.  Good Company, Inc. was born over 10 years ago.  We started out selling our products wholesale to gift stores.  I had recently made the transition of working full time to being home with our son...a dream I had before we even started a family.  This was such a great, creative outlet for me as we would attend market 1-2 times each year and then I could fill orders from my home.  As the children grew, so did the business.  Once they all were in school another door seemed to be opening for myself and Good Company.  An empty building in Kinsley needed a new occupant and we decided to jump into the new adventure of adding retail gifts to our wholesale business.

I think anniversaries of any kind are so important to celebrate because it make us stop and reflect on how far we have come.  Our lives move at such a relentless pace, we need these little stop stops to make us slow down a reflect a minute. Wow, 3 years ago I was frantically painting walls, cleaning carpets and creating displays so that we would be ready to have our grand opening at Kinsley's Oktoberfest weekend.  It seems like a minute ago when that was happening and here I am, sitting and reflecting on three years of owning a retail store getting ready for my open house at Kinsley's Oktoberfest.  

Thank you to all who have come through my door and said the kindest things.  To all who support me because they appreciate another business in our little Kansas town.  And I get a big kick out of those who stop as they are traveling through...because you really do go through Kinsley to get practically anywhere in Kansas. 

Keep coming, I'll be here with the coffee pot on!       

Good Company Inc.'s Oktoberfest Open House is Almost Here October 01 2013, 10 Comments

Good Company's Oktoberfest Open House is scheduled for Saturday, October 12, from 11 AM to 3 PM. Our partners at United Wireless will have their RV here, and will be available for phone and internet activation. We are offering a free car charger with every new activation.

Stop by and say hello--we're serving free peach cobbler and drinks, while they last. There will also be a drawing for a $100 Good Company, Inc. gift certificate.

From now through the end of October, we are running a special to show our appreciation for all of our Facebook fans. Mention that you are one of our Facebook fans when you come into the shop, and you will get 10% off whatever you buy that day. You can redeem this special as many times as you want throughout the month of October.

Finally, we want to thank you for supporting our shop. We have the best customers, and we're so happy to have you as good company when you stop by Good Company, Inc.!



What's in a name? September 28 2013, 0 Comments

Occasionally someone asks me how I came up with the name for our business. I'm working on a short and sweet answer to this question. It's hard, though, because "Good Company" encompasses so many feelings and goals my mother and I had when we started the business.

I grew up on a farm in southwest Kansas. Living in a farming community, being involved in a tight-knit church family, and having extended family that lived nearby meant that we shared many meals and never celebrated anything alone. My parents have always enjoyed having friends, family, and new acquaintances in their home, so when we would hear, "We're having company..." we knew someone was coming to visit and, of course, eat. As a result, my brother and sisters and I learned how to sit around a table and "visit" with whoever was eating with us. I'd like to say that it didn't matter what we had to eat, but I can't. We come from a long line of wonderful cooks, and have developed a great appreciation of good food. Because of this, we all learned to expect good things when company came over. So much so, in fact, that I took it for granted that everyone lived like this. Good Company.

I have learned that you don't have to be fancy to have company at your house. But sometimes it's just fun to make the table look pretty--or at least a tad above everyday-- when you know company is coming over. We might put flowers on the table, get out the good dishes, the good table cloth or the good serving utensils. There is something satisfying about sitting down to the "good stuff." It seems to say, "You're special, we're so glad you're here!" Good Company.

Now I have this business that designs pretty utensils that are being used all over the United States (and beyond!). The sense that countless people have indirectly invited me into their homes is not lost on me. It drives me to create the best product I can, and treat my customers like extended family. So thank you for being a part of this venture with me. I love it when someone tells me how much a bride loved the gift of Good Company utensils they gave. Or, even better, when I ask who they are buying for they say, "It's just for me!" It's very satisfying to create a product that others enjoy. Good Company.

That, friends, my business in a nutshell...or maybe not a "nutshell" exactly! But I just thought it would be nice to let you know a little more about us.

We're in Good Company together!

Jennifer Gleason




Starting new....again! August 22 2013, 51 Comments

Welcome to our new web site.  It seems like the longer we are in business the more opportunities we have to start new and fresh.  We love the familiarity and history we have with old friends but it is exciting to think about the possibility of welcoming new faces to our "table".  

I am new to blogging but thought I would give it a go.  I am hopeful that it becomes a habit that you and I both enjoy! 

I encourage you to pass along any constructive feedback you have for us.  We have chosen the majority of our product line from the suggestions of our customers who have told us what they want. Unfortunately we have had to let a couple pieces of our product line go.  I'm sad to say that the meat fork and bottle stoppers are no longer available. I'm on the lookout for good replacements for both of those items.

The holiday season is quickly approaching.  I'll keep you updated on the fun things we have planned!

I'm in Good Company with you!